About Us

International Tax Management Pte Ltd (“ITM”) has been founded to fill a significant gap that exists in the tax consultancy market. Many good players can be found in the market that can serve individual and corporate tax payers on their domestic tax issues. Also good players with international tax knowledge can be found, but they tend to be with the larger firms that have a dominant focus on their global accounts. As a result, a fast number of tax payers do not have proper access to the level of international tax knowledge they need and deserve.


At ITM we believe in a simple approach to fill the gap and to address some other common concerns. Have one very experienced international tax specialist become the trusted advisor of the client, as if the person is the in-house tax manager. Without concerns around leveraging on younger inexperienced staff and pushing other consultancy services, clients will have an international tax specialist available as if it would be their own colleague. This ensures a free flow of ideas, timely warnings for exposures and creating awareness of savings opportunities. And if more substantial assistance is required, one can rely on ITM to help select service providers, review proposals, and manage projects. Again, as if an in-house international tax manager is available.


Will this concept only be of benefit to individual and corporate tax payers? Many professional services firms like accounting firms, law firms, corporate finance firms, and corporate secretary companies require international tax expertise on occasion. With the fierce competition in the market, one has to be careful whom to involve. The in-house alternative would therefore also be attractive for these parties.


A third category of interested parties would be the tax directors and managers of larger corporations that don’t have an equally experienced colleague in the office. Having no strings attached free flowing discussions with an experienced international tax specialist would then be very attractive and productive.
To ensure that we can live up to these promises, ITM will not join formal networks of tax advisors and accountants. ITM will also not have more than one professional operating in a specific market.


ITM operates out of Singapore, serving clients around the world. Our founder, Nico Derksen will be the international tax professional servicing you. With over 29 years of experience in tax, having worked on both the revenue side as well as the consultancy side in 5 different countries, and with tax payers from all over the world, he is well positioned to be of great value to many parties. We hope to be of service to you soon.


International Tax Management Pte Ltd
“Your In-House Alternative”