Individuals and companies

We believe that the model of a service contract will create the optimum platform for cooperation. You will engage us for a fixed number of hours per Month at a fixed price. The benefit for you is that you not only can just call or email with any international tax question at any moment, as if you would contact your in-house tax manager, but you will also have someone watching pro-actively after your best interests on international tax issues. From experience we know that 80% of the questions can be dealt with on the spot or with very limited research, because you would be dealing directly with the person with experience. For those cases that require more research, you will directly receive a clear indication of the time involved. For any query that requires specific topical or country expertise, we will work with your existing contacts or help you identify the right party.


Any time required exceeding the fixed number of hours, will debited against your hours of the following Month. Extra hours will be charged separately. Any unused hours of a Month can be carried forward for up to 2 Months.


We offer 3 packages at very attractive prices:


Light user: 3 hours per Month at 5% discount of the standard hourly rates.
Medium user: 5 hours per Month at 10% discount of the standard hourly rates.
Heavy user: 10 hours per Month at 15% discount of the standard hourly rates.

Additional hours will be billed at standard hourly rates. For specific projects we can agree tailored project prices, which can be on flexible terms like success based. All rates are exclusive of GST and out of pocket expenses.


Professional services firms and Tax Directors


Besides the above model, you can also decide to engage us on an ad-hoc basis.


Status check


Before engaging us under a service contract, but also as a stand-alone service, we offer a status check. Based on a questionnaire you need to fill out, information you need to provide, and an interview with your responsible people, we will review your current international tax position. This will result in a report that high lights to you your current exposures and opportunities and guidance how to approach them.
We offer the status check at a fixed fee. Upon engaging us for a service contract, you will receive a discount on your first Months invoice.
Engaging with International Tax Management Pte Ltd gives you the comfort that a very experienced professional is watching over your international tax issues, with only your interest in mind.


For more information and pricing of our services, please contact us.